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Mississauga, Ontario’s The Paint Movement are now new family members of Toronto’s independent musical collective, Nevado Records. Already home to Fox Jaws, Yukon Blonde, Reily, Bass Lions, and Elephant -Nevado will release The Paint Movement’s dynamic debut album, Our Eurythmy, on April 14th 2009. The will spend the summer touring the new release. For those of your unfamiliar to their jazz-influenced indie rock pop, you are really in for a treat. Best experienced live, the four twenty-something’s have gained a dedicated following due to their incredibly honest and humble approach to songwriting.

The Paint Movement will be playing Audio Blood’s Rock n Roll Tea Party on March 15th, 2009. 

It’s not often you come across a group of twenty-two year olds as humble as those that comprise Mississauga’s The Paint Movement. Considering their music is so deeply mature and well developed, you could easily expect at least one of the four members to have an ego, but have a conversation with the boys and you’ll see this is far from the case. Within the first 30 seconds of their debut full length, ,Our Eurythmy, out April 14th on Nevado Records, it becomes apparent that it’s possible they simply have no idea how genius their organic whimsical jazz, soul, indie rock blends truly are. It’s what makes listening to such an inviting mixture of sounds so comforting and natural. 

The making of Our Eurythmy, was more of a musical bonding process between the four good friends, then it was a bunch of dudes jamming out songs. Gathering in the dim light of lead singer/guitarist Kevin Kralik’s basement studio, Jason Haberman (bass), Glenn Candy (drums), Jason Loftman (Keys, Saxophone) and Kralik found themselves at war with their morals, sifting through society’s debris, and harmonizing their pasts with their future. The result is an entirely cohesive and compelling album, that doesn’t let up from beginning to end.  “The Paint Movement is a balance of eurythmy between the four of us. We are in a process of building musical blueprints of the art we want to feel, hear, and see,” the band says when asked to describe the album. 2009 will see the band touring their debut album extensively and continuing to turn heads with their abrasive and moving live sets. Toronto’s favourite night blogger/critic Lonely Vagabond described the band as, “A lush jazz-soul-feel with a vintage vibe and lush orchestral pop energy. Inspiring music with windswept ocean breezes splashing musical colours.” 

Our Eurythmy will be the bands first release with independent Toronto label, Nevado Records. Our Eurythmy is recorded and mixed by the Paint Movement, but mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel in Toronto. The album features guest appearances from friends and fellow artists Dee Planche (The Raunch), Lauren Casciato-Turner, Jeremy Panda, Bill Candy, and more. 

Feb. 27 @ the Silver Dollar Room, TORONTO (with Still Life Still)
Mar. 15 @ The Boat, TORONTO (with Great Lenin’s Ghost, Our History of Cowboys, Holler, Wild Rose!)


For all press inquiries please contact Laura Keeling at


With the release of her second LP, See Your Midnight Breath in the Shipyard looming in the near future (April 7th), Megan Hamilton will commit her sultry organic presence to the Tranzac in Toronto for a monthly residency. On the last Thursday of every month, Hamilton and her head-turning folk rock tunes can be found at the humble Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave., Toronto). Hamilton says she decided to do this residency as a chance to experiment with her live solo set and with new instruments. The first appearance is February 26th.

Hamilton was hailed as an Artist To Watch in 2009 in the December 2008 edition of Exclaim!: “…expect Hamilton to start exploring new sonic territory on her next release.” Hamilton and her backing band (The Volunteer Canola) has toured through the east coast of Canada, Quebec, Ontario, and ventured south to play Alabama, Kentucky and Texas. She has shared the stage with My Morning Jacket, Rock Plaza Central, Nathan Wiley and Sunparlour Players, along with numerous others. See Your Midnight Breath in the Shipyard will be released on the artist-run label Familiar Music which Hamilton founded with friends and continues to operate. More information about the forthcoming album will be released shortly, in the meantime catch Hamilton live at Canadian Music Week or at the Tranzac:

Feb. 26th @ TRANZAC RESIDENCY w. Lisa Bozikovic
Mar. 12th @ CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK SHOWCASE at Rancho Relaxo
Mar. 14th @ CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK SHOWCASE at Delaware House
Mar. 26th @ TRANZAC RESIDENCY w. Jimmy Rose
April 20th @ TRANZAC RESIDENCY w. Eric Welton


For all media inquiries please contact Sari Delmar at Audio Blood Media.

Backlight Records’ post-rock pride and joy, Holler, Wild Rose! will make their third visit to Canada this March stopping in Ottawa (March 12th @ Zaphod’s Beeblebrox), Montreal (March 14th @ Le Divan Orange), and Toronto (March 15th @ The Boat). The 6 member epic rock orchestra has been creating quite the buzz south of the Canadian border. It’s really just a matter of time before Canucks warm up to their sonic Broken Social Scene-esque soundscapes and hometown influenced Boss-like honesty.

Their new music video for “Marylawn Hair” was directed by Holler, Wild Rose! guitarist and NYU Film graduate, Ryan Cheresnick and Holler, Wild Rose! bassist and Montclair State University film student, Scott Vangenderen and features a cameo appearance by Sounds Familyre recording artists Ben & Vesper. The video is sponsored by KODAK who generously donated all of the film for the project and has already been featured on and Neufutur Magazine in the states. You can view a high resolution version of the, “Marylawn Hair” video here: or on Youtube here:

Holler, Wild Rose! released their stunning debut album, Our Little Hymnal in September of 2007 to instant critical acclaim. While in regular rotation on over 150 American radio stations (including XM Satellite Radio), it seems Our Little Hymnal managed to attract attention overseas and has been spinning on internet radio stations in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, and more. To top it all off, FILTER Magazine hand picked the band for March 2008’s Undiscovered Band of the Month feature and Holler, Wild Rose! also were featured on the “BBC Introducing” program hosted by Tom Robinson on BBC 6 in England.

Describing the bands sound is a difficult task, to say the least. Most definitely a product of our times, they find a home between the comforting folk sounds of our past (Jeff Buckley, Bruce Springsteen), throw in some early R&B groove for good measure, and the burgeoning bright neon post-rock of our current and future musical times (Sigur Ros, Do Make Say Think).


“Had The Verve not imploded, and instead hired a Thom Yorke-ophile Jeff Buckley to sing his interpretation of Sigur Rós covering Loveless, you’d have Holler, Wild Rose! Our Little Hymnal creates the dark, almost frighteningly personal, ultimately redemptive atmospherics of a moving black and white art film.” – Ted Leibowitz, Bagel Radio

“Lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist John Mosloskie leads this exceptional band through dramatic, melodic twists and turns that will keep you staring — yes, staring — at the speaker to catch what will happen next” – Performing Songwriter Magazine

March 12th @ Zaphod’s Beeblebrox, OTTAWA (with Michou, Amos the Transparent)
March 14th @ Le Divan Orange, MONTREAL (with Broadcast Radio)
March 15th @ The Boat, TORONTO (with Great Lenin’s Ghost, The Paint Movement)


Holler, Wild Rose! are available for phone interviews NOW! To schedule advance coverage, request review tickets or press materials please don’t hesitate to contact Sari Delmar at Audio Blood Media.

Check it out! To cover or set up advance coverage for any of these shows contact thanks!

Bass Lions
Feb. 21 @ Groundswell, ALLISTON (with Planet Shhh)
Mar. 28 @ Tranzac, TORONTO

Black Hat Brigade
Mar. 12 @ Mavericks, OTTAWA (with Handsome Furs, Giant Hand)
Mar. 13 @ Rancho Relaxo, TORONTO (CMW with Black Diamond Bay)
Mar. 13 @ The Horseshoe Tavern, TORONTO (CMW with Handsome Furs, Dinosaur Bones, Human Highway)

Dinosaur Bones
Feb. 11 @ The Casbah, HAMILTON (with Hollerado)
Feb. 12 @ Sneaky Dees, TORONTO (with Hollerado)
Feb. 19 @ Jimmy Jazz, GUELPH
Feb. 21 @ Club Lambi, MONTREAL (with Modernboys Moderngirls)
Feb. 26 @ Sessions at 73, ST.CATHARINES (with Help the Houses, the Color of We)
Feb. 28 @ Oscar’s, BARRIE
Mar. 13 @ the Horseshoe Tavern, TORONTO (CMW ChartAttack Shocase with Handsome Furs, Human Highway, Black Hat Brigade)
Mar. 20 @ Lee’s Palace (with Oh No Forest Fires, Still Life Still, Arietta)

Final Thought
Mar. 27 @ E.P. Taylor’s , OSHAWA (with the Ocean Buried)

Fox Jaws
Feb. 14 @ El Mocambo, TORONTO (with Sonora Aero Club)
Mar. 5 @ Clinton’s, TORONTO (Show for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with ill.Gates, Treestar, the Dufraines, Hollywood Swank, DJ Stephane Vera)

Green Go
Feb. 7 @ Sneaky Dees, TORONTO (Whale Tooth EP Release with The Balconies)
Feb. 27 @ Gordon Best Theatre, PETERBOROUGH (with The D’Urbervilles, The Magic)
Feb. 28 @ Starlight Lounge, WATERLOO (with Bocce, The D’Urbervilles, DJ Global Warming)
Mar. 13 @ the Supermarket, TORONTO (CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK Showcase with TMDP)

Hi-Hat Recordings
Feb. 13 @ Hi-Hat Compilation #3 Release Party (with These Electric Lives, Parlovr, The Rest, Pants and Tie)

Holler! Wild Rose
Mar. 12 @ Zaphod’s Beeblebrox, OTTAWA (with Michou, Amos the Transparent)
Mar. 14 @ Le Divan Orange, MONTREAL (with Broadcast Radio)
Mar. 15 @ The Boat, TORONTO (Audio Blood’s Rock n Roll Tea Party with The Paint Movement, Great Lenin’s Ghost)

Megan Hamilton & the Volunteer Canola
Feb. 26 @ Tranzac, TORONTO (solo – monthly residency with Lisa Bozikovic)
Mar. 12 @ Rancho Relaxo, TORONTO (CMW Showcase)
Mar. 14 @ Delaware House, TORONTO (solo CMW Showcase)
Mar. 26 @ Tranzac, TORONTO (monthly residency with Jimmy Rose, Okgiraffe)

The Monster Show
Feb. 26 @ London Music Club, LONDON (with Chasing Arcadia)
Feb. 27 @ the Tranzac, TORONTO

Oh No Forest Fires
Feb. 7 @ Café Deckuf, OTTAWA (with The Love Machine, The Red Jets)
Feb. 19 @ Absinthe, HAMILTON (with The Disrealis, Texas Gold, The Ascot Royals)
Feb. 28 @ the Horseshoe Tavern, TORONTO (with the Coast, the Diableros, Ryan Masters Band)
Mar. 6 @ the Foxx Lounge, BARRIE (with the Ghost is Dancing)
Mar. 7 @ Adanac Ski Hill Lodge, SUDBURY (with Lightmares, The Birthday Cakes, Meadowlark Five)
Mar. 20 @ Lee’s Palace, TORONTO (with Dinosaur Bones, Still Life Still, Arietta)

The Paint Movement
Feb. 7 @ Jimmy Jazz, GUELPH
Feb. 8 @ Rancho Relaxo, TORONTO (with Roy Lieberman, Hi Red Center, Ostrich Tuning)
Mar. 15 @ The Boat, TORONTO (Audio Blood’s Rock n Roll Tea Party with Holler! Wild Rose, Great Lenin’s Ghost)

Still Life Still
Feb. 27 @ the Silver Dollar Room, TORONTO
Mar. 20 @ Lees Palace, TORONTO (with Dinosaur Bones, Oh No Forest Fires, Arietta)

Walk Off the Earth
Feb. 6 @ Fanshawe College, LONDON (with Chris Asaad, Staylefish)
Feb. 20 @ The Shadow, GUELPH (with TNBT)
Feb. 21 @ The Casbah, HAMILTON
Feb. 28 @ Arnold’s, OAKVILLE
Mar. 7 @ Paddy Flaherty’s, SARNIA
Mar. 9 @ Lee’s Palace (with 40 Ounces to Freedom)
Mar. 21 @ Blue Moon Lounge, BURLINGTON
Apr. 9 @ the Elmdale House Tavern, OTTAWA
Apr. 11 @ Merchant Tap House, KINGSTON (with Mean Tangerine)

Whale Tooth
Feb. 7 @ Sneaky Dees, TORONTO (EP Release party with Green Go, The Balconies)
Feb. 27 @ Jimmy Jazz, GUELPH
Feb. 28 @The Phog Lounge, WINDSOR
Mar. 14 @ CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK, TORONTO (details tba)

Yukon Blonde
Feb. 13 @ OK Mission Hall, KELOWNA (5th Annual Valentines Day Formal)

On March 5th, 2009 Nevado Records recording artist, Fox Jaws will play the first ever Concert
Accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing presented by Ryerson University’s Center of Learning Technology and The Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology Lab. The show will be at Clinton’s Tavern in Toronto (696 Bloor St. West) and will feature accessible
Emoti-Chairs, music visualization, open captioning, and interpreters. This ground breaking event will feature Barrie, Ontario’s epic folk rock n’ roll pride and joy, Fox Jaws as well as sets from other great independent artists; ill.Gates, Treestar, The Dufraines, Hollywood Swank, and DJ Stephane Vera. Everyone will be invited to try out the Emoti-Chairs and take part in this musical experience.

As part of The ASID (Alternative Sensory Information Displays) project, Ryerson technologies for the past 2 years. ASID is a geared towards exploring alternative methods for presenting sensory information to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. The primary focus of this research is film audio. They are creating alternative means for experiencing three different types of audio; music, background or environmental sounds, and speech prosody. For More information on the ASID project:

The Emoti-Chair translates music into a series of tactile sensations, including rocking and vibrating. Controlled with a computer, the chair transmits vibrations according to different notes and tones in music. This chair will allow people who have never heard to feel the sensations music provides and emotions. Rather than hearing the sounds of music, frequencies and beats are translated by the computer into vibrations, blasts of air, etc. This will be the first time the chair has been brought out in a live music setting. The Toronto Star’s Debra Black wrote a piece on the stunning technology in July of 2008:

We invite you all to join us on March 5th for this unique and ground breaking concert.


Hey all, despite this new look, this is NOT the new website. However, that tree and the birds will be my new branding! It’s all quite exciting. While we’re waiting for the new website just wanted to let you know about a few upcoming shows for our bands!

Firstly this Friday (Jan. 30th) is Final Thought’s EP release in Barrie at the Native Friendship Center with Brighter Brightest, Oceans Buried, and Teeter! Come out and show some love if you’re in that neck of the woods.

THEN Saturday Feb. 7th is Whale Tooth’s EP release party at Sneaky Dees in T.O. The Balconies and Green Go are along for the ride and will start off the sure to be crazy night.

Dinosaur Bones have a slew of Ontario/Montreal dates coming up so be sure to lurk their myspace page: They’ll be opening for Hollerado in Hamilton (Feb. 11) and in Toronto (Feb. 12th)! Hollerado are great and these shows should be a riot!

Walk off the Earth are paying visits to London and Montreal in February. Check them out for more details:

Final Thought are booking an Ontario/Quebec tour at the end of March, so get pumped… and promoters if you’re interested in booking them, please do get in touch!

Alright thats all for now.

Wow. I just got home from the Dinosaur Bones one year anniversary show… and wow what an epic night it was. Thank you SO much to all of you who came out and all of you who helped to support the band!

So… this will be last post of this sort! BECAUSE!! I’m getting a new website made as we speak. It will be lovely and fresh. To go along with the new site I will have a slew of new clients that I will be working with in 2009! So get excited.

You’ll also perhaps notice that I’ve changed the side pages. For now I thought it would be easiest if I condensed all my clients on to one page until the new site is here and ready to blow your mind.

Thank you!! Stay young,

The New Year for Audio Blood Media is off to a great start with these great shows! Also, stay tuned as there will be some BIG news coming at you early 2009 as to what is going on with Audio Blood Media and some next steps. In the meantime, lets go drinking (at these shows!!!) . Happy New Years everyone,
Sari & the Audio Crew


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