Audio Blood Media is a publicity, management, and marketing company founded and operated by Sari Delmar.


For questions about services etc. please inquire!

“Sari is a kindred spirit, a formidable influence, in the TO music scene” – Lonely Vagabond, 2008


Sari Delmar – Founder, General Manager –

Laura Keeling – Publicity & Promotions Coordinator –

Cassie Davidson – Publicity & Promotions Assistant –

Nick Poirier – National Media Relations Coordinator –

All inquires can be sent to:

Sari Delmar

94 Salem Avenue
Toronto, ON

M6H 3C1

Ph: (647) 347-2810

Thank you to those of you who have followed Audio Blood in its many stages! Your support is hugely appreciated!


Brett Caswell & The Marquee Rose –

Oh No Forest Fires –

Nevado Records –

The Darcys –

Sonora Aero Club –

Rebel Music Publicity & Promotions –

Third Estate Merchandising –

Wind-Up Records –

Teeter –

The Balconies –

The Big City Nights –

Ages of Men –

Dave Allen and the The Color of We –


2 Responses to “About/Contact”

  1. Amanda said

    I always knew you would take over the world!

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