NEWS: Audio Blood does Canadian Music Fest 2009

March 11, 2009

Canadian Music Week only comes once a year, and this year we’ve decided to go big! Check out ABM artists at their various showcases.

Thursday March 12th


With the forthcoming release of her 2nd LP, See Your Midnight Breath in the Shipyard, looming in the near future (April 7th) Hamilton and her folk n roll band will preview a bunch of new material at her Thursday night showcase. Known for her succulent sugary sweet vocals and imagery laden lyrics, Toronto’s own Hamilton will be sure to leave a mark on all those stuffed in to the small College Street bar, and on 2009 as a whole. FOR FANS OF: Feist, Jason Collett, My Morning Jacket

Friday March 13th

DINOSAUR BONES @ The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm

Toronto’s best kept secret is about to be let out of the bag. If you missed their sold out one year anniversary show at the Horseshoe in January, then it’s surely this ChartAttack CMW set opening for Handsome Furs and Human Highway where the band will impress with their unique blends of heavy hitting indie rock in the same vein as the Walkmen. Dinosaur Bones are destined for big things in 2009. And we’re not the only ones saying it… “Their 2008 self-titled EP was packed with feeling, with no song more haunting and persuasive than “N.Y.E.” whose delicate darkness almost belies its pop sensibility… Dinosaur Bones might just be the Canadian band that comes out of nowhere to make good in 2009” (Hour Weekly). So don’t believe the hype, come see for yourself. FOR FANS OF: Albert Hammond Jr. , Hollerado

THE JUNCTION @ Sneaky Dees, 9pm

Central Ontario touring veterans, The Junction are back and sounding better than ever. With their new album coming out this Spring, Another Link in the Chain, Canadian Music Fest will kick 2009 off on the right foot for the band. Always an exuberant celebration of hand claps, group chant-a-longs, and dance-able indie rock, The Junction have a live performance so organic and honest, if you said you weren’t in to it we’d question if you had a soul. Hear their new single “My Love Was There” on their Myspace page to prepare for maximum sing-a-long capabilities! FOR FANS OF: Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays and El Torpedo, Two Hours Traffic

GREEN GO @ the Supermarket, 11pm

Green Go is a machine that runs hot on the fuel that fires sweaty dance parties. Toronto Star’s Ben Rayner was quick to get behind the band, “Darting funk fretwork and synth-driven anxiousness to keep the adrenaline up throughout… when they betray a bit of a prog fetish and suspend their frantic calls to arms in a spacier shimmer” and in a NXNE live review ChartAttack’s Evan Dickson scribed, “Green Go play enthusiastic party jams designed to wring every last drop of sweat out of gathered revelers… their heavy bass fuzz and disco drums have a way of circumventing the brain to communicate directly with the spinal column.” Aside from constantly confusing critics, Green Go have managed to sell out of their self-titled debut EP, headline Steamwhistle’s Indie Unsigned series and share stages with the likes of Think About Life, Woodhands, and the D’Urbervilles. Get ready for the release of their debut album, Borders, in April 2009! FOR FANS OF: Shout Out Out Out Out, OPOPO

BLACK HAT BRIGADE @ Rancho Relaxo, 12am AND Horseshoe Tavern, 3am

It could be said that the drug induced children’s programming of the early 1980’s, overexposure to videogame soundtracks, and years spent partying in dead end suburban cul-de-sacs might have had an influence on the songwriting of Brampton’s Black Hat Brigade. The final result are songs that range from drunken art-rock sea shanties, to juxtaposing moments of quiet contemplation with percussive assaults akin to the sound of a small army of wild animals taking back land that was rightfully theirs. Expect a new EP in spring 2009, in the meantime check out one of their live sets at CMW for a full-on face melting experience. FOR FANS OF: Wolf Parade, DD/MM/YYYY

AMOS THE TRANSPARENT @ Rancho Relaxo , 1am

After such a triumphant 2008 which included sharing the stage with the likes of Patrick Watson and playing a handful of festivals, and a just as impressive 2007 – where they released one of the most promising debut albums of the year Everything I’ve Forgotten to Forget to instant critical acclaim, one would think Ottawa’s Amos the Transparent would be a little tuckered out. Instead, they kick off 2008 with a CMW showcase and a brand new EP release which can be bought from the band off-stage at their Rancho Relaxo showcase and surrounding tour dates. “Tracks that resonate with pop crystals, soothing tinkles and melancholy vocals…as well as a degree of originality that keeps the listener hooked until the very last drop,” Exclaim! scribed about their 07 debut, and it can only go up from here! FOR FANS OF: Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie.

Saturday March 14th


Emerging from the Toronto scene as one of the most promising up and coming acts, it won’t be long before MBMG are headlining venues much bigger than the dimly lit 150-capacity Rancho Relaxo –so catch them while you can. Their garage dance rock n roll has been turning heads of those in-the-know especially when brought int oa live setting, where they are known to ensure every audience member leaves soaked in dance fuelled sweat. After some line up shifts, main singer songwriters Akira Alemany and Brett Millius will be gracing the stage will an all star line up of friends and Toronto musicians (including Dinosaur Bones’ Dave Wickland on keys, Oh No Forest Fires’ Rajiv Thavanathan, and Foxfire’s Hannah Krapivinsky). 2008 saw the band play Edgefest, nominated for a CBC Radio 3 Bucky award, and release their debut album I Might As Well Break It independantly. 2009 will mark a special edition re-release of IMAWBI, and ofcourse their return to CMW. FOR FANS OF: The Strokes, Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels

Sunday March 15th

Sure, we know CMW is technically over… But we have a little something special for you:

AUDIO BLOOD’s Rock n Roll Tea Party @ The Boat, 158 Augusta Avenue, Kensington Market
With art by: Carleigh Aikins (Fox Jaws), Lucas Fredette (Dinosaur Bones), and Ryan Karam.
Oscillations by:
GREAT LENIN’S GHOST (crazy electro indie rock punk from Toronto –
THE PAINT MOVEMENT (new Nevado Records signee’s play epic jazzy indie rock made for singing a long to, preferably with a beer in hand –
OUR HISTORY OF COWBOYS (Toronto art rock friends play experimental jammy rock – )
HOLLER, WILD ROSE! (New Jersey’s finest take cues from Sigur Ros and toss in some folky warmth and old school R&B for good measure. A live band NOT to be missed –
Doors at 8:30pm

So come and unwind and have a cup of tea with us!


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