NEWS: Amos the Transparent Independently Release New EP – My, What Big Teeth You Have…

March 4, 2009

Available at their Canadian Music Week showcase (March 13 @ Rancho Relaxo) and surrounding tour dates, Ottawa’s Amos the Transparent will unleash their newest collection of romantic folk pop tunes. The infectious first single “Lemons, aka (BigFishLittlePond)” has been evoking captivating group sing-a-longs in every bar they play and will finally be available on the new EP. Following the successful 2008 release of their debut LP, Everything I’ve Forgotten to Forget, Amos the Transparent continue creating catchy and warm melodies akin to Death Cab for Cutie and at times Wilco –yet entirely their own on their new EP, My, What Big Teeth You Have…. With word on the street about their organic and explosive live sets, a 2008 which included sharing stages with the likes of Patrick Watson, Young Galaxy, and Tokyo Police Club, and now the release of the new EP, Amos the Transparent are showing no signs of slowing down. 2009 will bring the band to new ears in new area codes. Fans can pick up a copy of the new EP from the band at their upcoming shows. A national release will be scheduled for fall/summer 2009.

The independent release will also be the bands premier output on their own label, Sunday School Music. After amicably splitting from their previous label, Pop Culture Records, the band plans to begin growing Sunday School Music and putting out music continuously throughout the year.

Upcoming Shows:
Mar. 6 @ Blacksheep Inn, WAKEFIELD, QC (w. The Balconies)
Mar. 11 @ Jupiter Room, MONTREAL, QC (w. Michou)
Mar. 12 @ Zaphods Beeblebrox, OTTAWA, ON (w. Michou, Holler, Wild Rose!)
Mar. 13 @ Rancho Relaxo, TORONTO, ON (**Canadian Music Week Showcase**)
Mar. 14 @ Groove Kitchen, CAMBRIDGE, ON
Mar. 15 @ Phog Lounge, WINDSOR, ON (ALL AGES!)
Mar. 15 @ Phog Lounge, WINDSOR, ON (19+)

Mini Bio:
Amos the Transparent is the brainchild of Ottawa songwriter Jonathan Chandler – a soft-spoken talent with a faultless ear. Chandler teamed up with drummer and primary collaborator, Christopher Wilson to solidify material that was written over a period of several years. The duo applied a collective approach to the recording process, drawing out the influences and talents of numerous guest artists including Amy Millan of Stars who makes a special guest vocal appearance on the stunning duet, “After All That, It’s Come To This”. Millan agreed to perform the track after Chandler and Wilson captivated her with an a cappella version of the song backstage at Bluesfest 2006 in Ottawa.

Amos the Transparent has recently taken strides to move from a collaborative, singer/songwriter type of outfit to what they consider their perfect mix of 6 individuals. This mix includes long time members, Mark Hyne and James Nicol as well as the two newest additions Dan Hay and Kate Cooke. With more emphasis on writing as a group Amos the Transparent will be delivering their first release in the coming months. The line up not only reproduces the feel and songwriting of the record but also delivers an unforgettable live performance.

The Buzz:
“A collision of folk song intimacy and classic rock anthemicism, fused together by a deep melodic and melancholic streak.” –

“Tracks that resonate with pop crystals, soothing tinkles and melancholy vocals…as well as a degree of originality that keeps the listener hooked until the very last drop.” –



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