NEWS: The Paint Movement Signs to Burgeoning Toronto Label, Nevado Records

February 16, 2009

Mississauga, Ontario’s The Paint Movement are now new family members of Toronto’s independent musical collective, Nevado Records. Already home to Fox Jaws, Yukon Blonde, Reily, Bass Lions, and Elephant -Nevado will release The Paint Movement’s dynamic debut album, Our Eurythmy, on April 14th 2009. The will spend the summer touring the new release. For those of your unfamiliar to their jazz-influenced indie rock pop, you are really in for a treat. Best experienced live, the four twenty-something’s have gained a dedicated following due to their incredibly honest and humble approach to songwriting.

The Paint Movement will be playing Audio Blood’s Rock n Roll Tea Party on March 15th, 2009. 

It’s not often you come across a group of twenty-two year olds as humble as those that comprise Mississauga’s The Paint Movement. Considering their music is so deeply mature and well developed, you could easily expect at least one of the four members to have an ego, but have a conversation with the boys and you’ll see this is far from the case. Within the first 30 seconds of their debut full length, ,Our Eurythmy, out April 14th on Nevado Records, it becomes apparent that it’s possible they simply have no idea how genius their organic whimsical jazz, soul, indie rock blends truly are. It’s what makes listening to such an inviting mixture of sounds so comforting and natural. 

The making of Our Eurythmy, was more of a musical bonding process between the four good friends, then it was a bunch of dudes jamming out songs. Gathering in the dim light of lead singer/guitarist Kevin Kralik’s basement studio, Jason Haberman (bass), Glenn Candy (drums), Jason Loftman (Keys, Saxophone) and Kralik found themselves at war with their morals, sifting through society’s debris, and harmonizing their pasts with their future. The result is an entirely cohesive and compelling album, that doesn’t let up from beginning to end.  “The Paint Movement is a balance of eurythmy between the four of us. We are in a process of building musical blueprints of the art we want to feel, hear, and see,” the band says when asked to describe the album. 2009 will see the band touring their debut album extensively and continuing to turn heads with their abrasive and moving live sets. Toronto’s favourite night blogger/critic Lonely Vagabond described the band as, “A lush jazz-soul-feel with a vintage vibe and lush orchestral pop energy. Inspiring music with windswept ocean breezes splashing musical colours.” 

Our Eurythmy will be the bands first release with independent Toronto label, Nevado Records. Our Eurythmy is recorded and mixed by the Paint Movement, but mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel in Toronto. The album features guest appearances from friends and fellow artists Dee Planche (The Raunch), Lauren Casciato-Turner, Jeremy Panda, Bill Candy, and more. 

Feb. 27 @ the Silver Dollar Room, TORONTO (with Still Life Still)
Mar. 15 @ The Boat, TORONTO (with Great Lenin’s Ghost, Our History of Cowboys, Holler, Wild Rose!)


For all press inquiries please contact Laura Keeling at


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