NEWS: Fox Jaws Play First Ever Concert for the Deaf

February 3, 2009

On March 5th, 2009 Nevado Records recording artist, Fox Jaws will play the first ever Concert
Accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing presented by Ryerson University’s Center of Learning Technology and The Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology Lab. The show will be at Clinton’s Tavern in Toronto (696 Bloor St. West) and will feature accessible
Emoti-Chairs, music visualization, open captioning, and interpreters. This ground breaking event will feature Barrie, Ontario’s epic folk rock n’ roll pride and joy, Fox Jaws as well as sets from other great independent artists; ill.Gates, Treestar, The Dufraines, Hollywood Swank, and DJ Stephane Vera. Everyone will be invited to try out the Emoti-Chairs and take part in this musical experience.

As part of The ASID (Alternative Sensory Information Displays) project, Ryerson technologies for the past 2 years. ASID is a geared towards exploring alternative methods for presenting sensory information to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. The primary focus of this research is film audio. They are creating alternative means for experiencing three different types of audio; music, background or environmental sounds, and speech prosody. For More information on the ASID project:

The Emoti-Chair translates music into a series of tactile sensations, including rocking and vibrating. Controlled with a computer, the chair transmits vibrations according to different notes and tones in music. This chair will allow people who have never heard to feel the sensations music provides and emotions. Rather than hearing the sounds of music, frequencies and beats are translated by the computer into vibrations, blasts of air, etc. This will be the first time the chair has been brought out in a live music setting. The Toronto Star’s Debra Black wrote a piece on the stunning technology in July of 2008:

We invite you all to join us on March 5th for this unique and ground breaking concert.



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