NEWS: Beginning of November Update!

November 6, 2008

Hey all!
There’s many exciting things going on this month!

While Sinister Trailerpark Magic’s Euro tour is quickly approaching… Fox Jaws have been posting delicious new tracks from the studio on their Myspace page ( and have also announced a Barrie show Nov. 11th at The Mansion Nightclub (formerly The Foundation).

ABM has been keeping busy, we have just taken Final Thought on as our first band that ABM manages! We are more than excited to be working with them as their new EP will be out January 27th of next year and we’ll have many exciting promotions leading up to it for you eager beavers!

I (Sari) have also decided I can’t possibly handle this all on my own, so we have added some Audio Blood staff to the team! Cassie Davidson will assume the role of Publicity & Promotions Coordinator AND Mike Horvath will be Publicity & Promotions Assistant! Fun Fun! With the help of these two we’ll be able to update this site more often as well as the Myspace/Facebook etc. So you’ll be hearing from us a lot more!

Hope everyone’s fall is going well! thank you for visiting 🙂


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